Global logistics support group, we take pride in caring for our clients’ needs around the world.


Foundation 2006 in Iraq
Managed Area 105.000 m2
Line of Business National and international Transportation and Logistics company, providing a variety of services like General Transportation, General Logistics Support, General Trading and General Projects Management.
Staff 185 employees, including freelancers, and auxiliaries.
Vehicle Fleet NASRIN ALYAMAN has the control of a large number of equipments and trucks, a fixed contingent of about 40 common carriers, tractor units rigid trucks with trailer, hydraulic lift trucks with HAZMAT kit, truck-mounted forklifts, and transport permits according to § 49 par. 1, § 50 par. 2 No. 1 KrW-/AbfG.

Today, NASRIN ALYAMAN owns over  Million square feet in the Southeast and Midwest.

With decades of experience in site selection, development, leasing, management and operating industrial properties,NASRIN ALYAMAN offers a single source solution for

√General Transportation

√General Logistics Support

√General Trading

√General Projects Management

√Warehouse  Management

We see ourselves as partners to provide our customers with value added Services. We analyse highly complex logistics operations and optimise them using individual solutions that cover sourcing, production and distribution.

We also look ahead so that your logistics operations can make an important contribution tomorrow. We accompany you: regardless of the scope of developments at your company, we will support you as you expand and break into new territories.

We control our partners constantly – for we only cooperate long-term with companies that fulfil our quality requirements.